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Dear Community Friend,


The Southeast Indiana Youth Orchestra (SEIYO) would like to offer a business or individual partnership opportunity to assist with a new, exciting initiative. 


Established in 2015, SEIYO is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation, and is the only string instrument orchestral program in Dearborn County and other surrounding communities.  It offers an affordable music education for students of all ages along with inexpensive instrument rentals. 


The new initiative underway for SEIYO is to purchase a sound system for performances.  SEIYO uses a variety of venues for concerts, including outdoor spaces and community sites that often do not have any or complete sound systems.  Therefore, the orchestra often goes without proper amplification, which impairs the audience from hearing and appreciating the full sound of SEIYO.


The total cost of the desired system is approximately $15,000, and funding from various sources will be pursued.  A hopeful goal has been set to raise $5,000 through local business and individual sponsorships.  Would you be willing to be a part of this effort?  It would be so exciting to be able to purchase the sound equipment needed to properly amplify SEIYO's sound in all of our concert settings!    


Please see the attached form for sponsorship levels and benefits.  If you are able to sponsor, please fill out the information from the form and send it with a check to:  SEIYO,  PO Box 225 Aurora, IN 47001, or make a donation on our website, listed below.


Want more information then you see here?  Contact us at  to speak to us personally. 

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